4bases is a Swiss Company specialized in development and production of clinically validated / CE-IVD certified genetic diagnostic solutions. Platform-independent Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) kits, data analysis software and diagnostic protocols.

The PRO family kits are 4bases capture-based solutions, with one of the shortest protocols available on the market (36 hours protocol, <3 hours hands-on-time). dsDNA 120 bp probes with ±100bp padding allows for stability over time and higher coverage uniformity, giving high specificity and sensitivity in detecting CNVs* and SNVs**. DNA purification beads, streptavidin beads, and UDI are included in each 4bases pro kit. The whole protocol is automatable and compatible with the solutions available on the market.

The PANEL family kits are 4bases amplicon-based solutions, with a straightforward protocol (<3 hours hands-on-time). Even with low input DNA, specific genes or genetic regions are targeted and amplified with ease.

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